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This website is edited by the company WEBORAMA SA, specialising in websites traffic measurement and audience analysis. Its main activity is to provide technological tools and solutions which enable to better understand the web users' behaviours and needs in order to optimise the websites interactivity and improve the impact of pages content.

Throughout this privacy policy, WEBORAMA SA, 15, rue Clavel, 75019 Paris, France, wishes to inform its members and services users about its data protection policy, according to the applicable law, and in regards of its commitment to protect Internet users' private life.
WEBORAMA reserves the right to modify this current privacy policy whenever the company thinks best.

  1. Data processing featuring private information
      1.1. Private data file
      1.2. Right of reply and cancellation

  2. Weborama's commitment to protect Internet users' private life :
      2.1. What is a "Cookie" ?
      2.2. Weborama's "Cookie" files
      2.3. Cookies advantages
      2.4. How to delete cookies ?
        2.4.1. How to delete cookie files that are already installed on your browser ?
        2.4.2. How to reject cookies or be informed when cookie files are set up ?
        2.4.3. How to reject the setting up of Weborama's cookie files ?
  3. Private data file

1. Data processing featuring private information

1.1. Private data file

When registering to the service WEBOSCOPE FREE of WEBORAMA, the user accepts the General Conditions of Use. She/he also allows that her/his private data provided (or to be provided) to Weborama, can be gathered in Weborama's databases in order to process them. Recorded data might be used for statistical matter, for sending promotional messages, for game contest realisation, for sending information, administration and management reports regarding WEBOSCOPE FREE service.

It is mandatory to provide the data required for the registration, seeing that Weborama may reject the registration of someone who didn't provide these data. The subscriber enables WEBORAMA to provide these data to potential companies of its group in order to process them.

1.2. Right of reply and cancellation

These files remain the property of WEBORAMA and are under its responsibility. However, the subscriber may at any time access these files, and exercise her/his rights of reply, cancellation and opposition, according to the terms of the applicable law relative to private data protection.
For this matter, the user has to either go to the section "Customer Account Information" in her/his Customer Area, or send a letter to the Weborama office (see contact details above), mentioning her/his account details (ID, website URL, last and first names), and her/his address in order for Weborama to provide her/him with a confirmation relative to her/his request.

2. Weborama's commitment to protect Internet users' private life

In the scope of its activities, WEBORAMA uses the "cookie" files technology.

2.1. What is a cookie ?

Cookies are small pieces of data in the form of text information, sent by the web server to your browser. They can only be read by the server that previously set them and contain information on what you are looking at on a website and when. You can read the cookie files, delete them, and under some conditions, modify them. Moreover, they cannot contain viruses, or be executed, because they are not active.

2.2. Weborama "cookies" files

"Cookie" files installed by WEBORAMA are totally anonymous, they cannot communicate name, e-mail or postal address, phone number, or other types of transferable information allowing the identification of a web user.

Some details on "cookie" files that WEBORAMA may install on your browser :

  • "AFFICHE_W"contains the ID of your browser; it is installed during your first visit on one of the network websites.
  • «WEBO_SOND» or «WEBO_VOTE» contain your birthday date, your gender, your socio-professional group; they are installed on your browser when you have answered to the "profile" poll.
  • «WOUS» contains the most popular subject and connection time of the web user regarding his/her visits on the websites of directory .
  • «wbospeed» and «wbospeed2» contain the result of your connection speed calculation. This is useful to determine the possibilty to use or not pages requiring broadband connection.
  • «tr_XXXXX» contains the cookie allowing the establishment of real-time visits statistics (this functionality is available only for professional accounts).
  • «aimfar_capping» contains the ID of viewed advertising messages, in order to not overexpose a web user to advertising messages.

    Some other cookies may be installed on your browser in order to highlight your visits on, or on other websites using the Weborama services, in view to establish statistics or customise the display of some web pages (see below).

2.3. Cookies advantages

For you, as Internet user, the cookies are the best way to customise your navigation on Internet. More particularly, they enable to avoid messages or questions redundances, and also to read customised information, and to save time on websites where it is necessary to submit an ID and/or a password...

For WEBORAMA and its network webmasters, the cookies enable to generate more precise and relevant statistics. This statistics are compiled and anonymous. They essentialy refer to the web users' behaviour and navigation : number of visitors, of visits, of viewed pages as well as a set of information that are useful to understand your requirements and thus to improve the website in terms of content, shape or ergonomy.

2.4. How to delete cookies ?

If you don't want to customise your navigation on Internet, you must delete and reject the installation of "cookies" files on your browser.

2.4.1. How to delete cookies files that are already installed on your browser ?

  • Go to your "My computer"
  • Research the fold " Temporary Internet Files " (for the previous versions to Windows 2000) or " Cookies " (Windows 2000 et XP)
  • Select all the files (CTRL A)
  • Choose the option "delete"
Once this step is finished, if you wish to forbid any other "cookies" files installation, you have to follow the process mentioned at the following point : 2.4.2

2.4.2. How to reject cookies or be informed when cookies files are set up ?

You may reject the installation of "cookies" in configurating your browser. Considering the browser and the operating system used, the process may change. We invite you to read about their document for further information. You will find here the most popular process to apply :

  • If you surf with Internet Explorer 5 or 6 (Microsoft), you can : either use the previous method, in clicking "Tools", "Internet options", "Advanced", or configurate your parameters in the tab "Privacy" from the menu "Tools", "Internet options".
  • If you surf with Mozilla : an interface dedicated to the management of cookies is located in the menu "Tools", "Cookies management".
  • If you surf with Internet Explorer 3 or 4 (Microsoft) : click "View", "Option", "Advanced". Among different warnings you can activate, the fourth is entitled "Warn before accepting cookies" and only on Internet Explorer 4, the fifth is entitled "Always reject cookies".
  • If you surf with Navigator Free 3 or 4 (Netscape) : Click "Options", "Favourite network", "Protocoles". Among different warnings you can activate, the first is entitled "Warn before accepting cookies". You will be then informed when a cookie is about to be installed and you will be in position to reject it with your Internet browser.

2.4.3. How to reject the setting up of Weborama's cookies files ?

If you wish to maintain the installation of cookies in general, but reject WEBORAMA 's cookies, you have 2 solutions :

1. Choose the option "Warn before accepting cookie" (see art. 2.4.2 above). This option allows you to read the details of cookies that are going to be installed and choose whether you accept them or not.

2. Configurate the installation of an "Opt-Out Cookie" file on your browser . This option will enable WEBORAMA to recognize you and prevent from installing any other cookies on your browser.
Click here if you wish to install the "Opt-Out Cookie".

3. Private data protection

In accordance to the law, Weborama declares to the CNIL the constitution and management of this subscribers file. This declaration is recorded under the number 743 097.

If you wish further information about the CNIL, we advise you to go on its website