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Weboscope™ Free:Free statistics for websites

Ergonomic, rapid and easy to install
Reliable service based on breaking through technologies.

Installation process

Weboscope™ Free enables you to outsource the audience and traffic measurement of your websites.This service doesn't need the installation of any software and is totally independent from hardware and software platforms usually used to host your web pages.

You just have to copy and paste few lines of HTML/Javascript code on the pages you wish to audit. Static websites may install very quickly Weboscope™ Free, thanks to a basic text editor.

It is even easier for dynamic websites (ASP, PHP, etc...) or websites with contents that are handled by publishing software (as "Vignette"), since the code may be administered as a simple additional brick on the generated pages. Weboscope™ Free may administer, transparently, the hosted websites on several servers, because the installation is done on the basis of the HTML document. Weboscope™ Free is totally independent from your hosting server.

Statistics visualisation

Weboscope™ Free provides your first traffic statistics the day after the codes installation

This service identifies the traffic generated on your websites in real time, page per page, 24h a day. Weboscope™ Free provides you with an analysis of your data, both in terms of quantity and quality. Through an easy and intuitive reading of the data, Weboscope™ Free gives you not only a very precise measurement of your traffic but also a relevant analysis of your web users' profile and behaviour. These data enable you to better understand the web users' behaviour on your pages and consequently to be able to optimise both content and shape of your website.

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