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Cliquez ici pour découvrir la suite "Ad Analytics " - Adserving, Tracking, Web Analytics - proposée par Weborama Solution.

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Click here to discover the "Ad Analytics " suite - Ad serving, Tracking, Web analytics - proposed by Weborama Solution.

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Weboscope™ Free subscription
Weborama, the European reference in audience analysis and e-marketing activities optimisation, developed Weboscope TM.This service gathers a range of solutions dedicated to measure the traffic and to analyse the audience of websites in real time. This service, which is accredited by the OJD, provides you with site audience analysis both in terms of quantity and quality (volume of traffic, socio-demographic profile of visitors, geographical breakdown, navigation, etc).
  • In opposition to log files analysis tools, Weboscope is based on "Site centric" technology that invisibly tags pages. It is easily implemented on any type of site, independently of the technology used. Thanks to Weboscope solutions in "dedicated" mode such as Blackbox, you may audit as easily your websites, Intranet, Extranet portals.
  • With Weboscope Audience, you benefit from a real platform of information within your company, thanks to our modules of information and reporting; monthly audience reports which compare your statistics from period to period, visitors top paths on your website pages in order to better understand their behaviour, customisable reports which can be dispatched by e-mail for a better diffusion of the information within your company, etc.
  • With Weboscope Performance, you are able to measure the effectiveness as well as the return on investment of all your online marketing actions. Thanks to its optional modules "Keyword" and "E-Commerce", Weboscope Performance enables you to rationalize and optimise your investments online, your advertising space or any other sales promotional supports purchases(e-mailing, newsletter, sponsored links, etc). Weboscope Performance provides relevant and high-added-value e-commerce indicators (purchase volumes, average basket, client acquisition cost, etc).
  • Weboscope is proud to count among its clients some prestigious companies; MSN, PSA, BNP Paribas, 9telecom, Noos, Banque Populaire, etc.